Personalized LinkedIn Invites

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Have you ever got those generic invites on LinkedIn that just smell soo much of “send-in-bulk” that just get you cringing?

But what if I tell you that this doesn’t need to be you?

Because in fact there is a much better method by using this Hyper Personalized LinkedIn Invite prompt!

Battle-tested and with an accept rate over 85% you gonna grow your LinkedIn audience to new hights in no time!


Input eksempel:

The person’s workplace domain:

Content of the homepage or about us page: We bring together data, talent, and tech to deliver global omnichannel media + business, technology, and data consulting solutions. We’re a digital-first culture, built to accelerate and transform brands in the online world. 1,600 people in every corner of the world, connected through a singular vision.


Output eksempel:

I’m really impressed by Assembly Global and the digital-first culture you have built to help transform brands! It’s amazing that you have 1,600 people in every corner of the world connected through a singular vision. I would love to hear more!

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