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Ever wanted to excel on LinkedIn? You know going from a couple of hundred to thousands of followers in a matter of a few months?

It’s no secret that the key to success on LinkedIn is to engage with your network, by liking and especially commenting on their posts.

But this is truly a time-consuming and daunting task!

Not anymore!

With this “battle-proof” LinkedIn appreciation & expertise commenting generator I’ve been able to grow my personal LinkedIn from 350 followers to now almost 2000 in a matter of two months only!

This generator lets you create really smart and great comments for LinkedIn posts that display your appreciation for the post and display your expertise by providing extra value to the readers (which is where you can really see your follower count increase).


Input eksempel:

LinkedIn post:

I often come across startup founders who rely on paid campaigns on Facebook, Google, or other platforms to do wonders! To make your campaigns successful, you must pay attention to the following aspects:

1. Very strong value proposition.
2. Shift from a product-centric approach.
3. Scalable top-of-funnel system so as to upsell.
4. Strong brand positioning – a shift from a mere product-centric view.
5. Affiliate tie-ups with creators and influencers.
6. Distribute raw customer testimonials and their content.
7. Strong content marketing team.
8. Build your own email list and community.

After applying these changes, we were able to visibly boost the revenues & profit margins of many brands we work with.

Send me a Direct Message if you’d like a quick audit of your campaigns/website.


Output eksempel:

These are all great points and definitely important to consider when creating a successful paid campaign.

In addition, I think it’s also key to note the importance of proper targeting and strategic segmentation, as well as A/B testing different components of the campaigns. These all help ensure that each ad is shown to the right people and that the messaging resonates with them 🙂

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